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Flat earth chat

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Flat earth chat

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Insist that the burden is theirs. This is difficult for two reasons.

Some of them esrth even claim that there are no facts, arguing that if a fringe minority, not present in any reliable sources, disagrees with a widely accepted fact, it violates Neutral point of view to state it as a fact in the article. As a professional astronomer you have a clear conflict of interest.

This maneuvering and filibustering is soon likely to exhaust the patience of any reasonable person who naturally prefers not to reason with the unreasonable, and who, unlike the advocate, has no special interest or passion mexican escorts granby than striving to maintain neutrality. It would have also reported the views of Eratosthenes who correctly determined the Earth's circumference in BC either as controversial or a fringe view.

Science is stodgy, typically not glamorous, and entails hard work.

How to reply At the root of these arguments are intentional or unintentional misinterpretations of Neutral point of viewparticularly vlat weight, although certain kinds of deliberate pettifogging can also be a of gaming the system. That is, readers must be able to check that the material has already been published by a reliable source.

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Dissent is being suppressed by the scientific establishment [4]. Thus, it is claimed that trying to balance positive content with negative content for due weight is censorship. But many dedicated fringe advocates are familiar with these policies, and have become expert at gaming eath or even using them against neutrally-minded but inexpert editors. The article lead should begin with a pure definition.

Any scientist who tried to study flat Earth theory would lose his research funding. Darth, the mainstream view of what is accepted knowledge in a discipline has the largest following and as such the most due weight in the literature.

Also, in such cases it is legitimate earhh source from non-promotional descriptions of pseudoscience that can only be obtained from second- and third-party sources. Ten types of arguments[ edit ] Arguments commonly used by fringe advocates lanarkshire escorts support inclusion of marginal viewpoints against official policies fall into a small of easily recognizable.

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Occasionally, they will discover that they can get more attention if they make appeals to authority by presenting supporters who have academic credentials. Thus, the following are reliable sources for describing pseudoscience:.

Sources that remain silent on the issue should be discarded. Also try to ignore the arguments and reasons used by mainstream science itself.

The Big Bang Theory as conspiracy Examples The flat Earth theory has been earty by the scientific establishment in order to protect its interests. The world would be a more exciting place if there were malevolent aliens abducting humans, if dead people could send us messages, if exotic plants were able to miraculously cure all disease, if free energy were readily available to anyone, or if our dreams could foretell the future.

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A challenging chqt is normally expected to bear the burden or onus of proof. Instead, we have the most successful, motivated force on the planet.

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Your opponents will love this and turn the talk into a battlefield of competing claims and counterclaims. Independent sources are also necessary to determine the relationship of a fringe theory to mainstream scholarly discourse.

Similarly if available in Galileo 's time, it would have reported the view that the Sun goes round the Earth as a fact, and if Galileo had been a Vicipaedia editor, his view would have been eartth as "originale investigationis". All theories that are not generally accepted have a part of the theory devoted unblock chat rooms explaining why this is.

They may argue that one must always state the idea first before criticizing it, or that any sources that disagree with the fringe point of view cannot be used since they violate the Neutral point of view. This is a classic conspiracy theory.

In other words, advocates of the challenging theory are expected to provide highly convincing evidence and arguments before the theory can be taken seriously. Humans are fallible creatures, and there are many more ways to be wrong than right.

They may demand that every statement of fact should be char, no matter how universally accepted. How to recognise After you have insisted on the use of reliable sources, supporters of the marginal view will then try to exploit the definition of 'reliable source'.

Chat room karft policies, correctly understood and correctly used, will successfully exclude non-notable or fringe views. They will propose that negative material be forked off into another article, or relegated into a "criticism ghetto" or criticism section or removed from the Lead section. They do not automatically view supporters of fringe theories as "the enemy". Sources must be reliable, independent and current Examples Essex local authorities trained employees in flat Earth theory in It's impossible to write a balanced article or describe a fringe theory in an objective way if the sources being used have a stake in promoting a specific fringe theory.

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The round-earth theorists have the backing of earh major media who also have vested interests which they must protect. X, Y and Z are hard-line skeptics about flat-Earthism.

These enthusiasts often edit primarily or entirely on one topic or theme. They often publish in skeptics magazines and take a hard line with any approach to any theory which is not empirically verified.

Here's a review.