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Start sending messages from server to client, and from client to server.

The latest occasion was done with a note that the "cited source is reputable" presumably meaning that mine are not. It's often seen in combination with radiation hardness of electronic components. Changing units costs money and adds no value.

Presumably, a krad is a kilorad, but what does the Si ify? Code In Server. Install the socket components. Rwflammang talk14 Rda UTC Like all other SI units, the "new units" are the most widely adopted in industry, except in the USA which insists on clinging to obsolete systems.

Right-click Client. Absolutely no change except revisionism for its own sake. Unit Conversion[ edit ] How does one convert between the different measurements?

Save it as Client. The sources that I added for my edits are as follows:.

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Start the Server by pressing the Start button from the server form. How much is rad compared to gray, rem, and Sv? I contest this.

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ActiveConnections-1 do ServerSocket1. That's probably why the new unit is not widely adopted in industry.

I dropped in to the sievert discussion for help on this "quality factor". Text; Memo1.

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Connect the Client by pressing the Connect button from the client form. Basically, they have an "extra" variable.